Top Ten Camping Gadgets 2018

With the vacation season almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about packing and preparing for that long awaited camping trip.

From a portable coffee maker to the ultimate hammock, here’s an amazing list of cool camping gear and gadgets that will help you take on the outdoors in comfort, wherever your next camping trip may take you.

Portable Espresso Maker


If you enjoy camping in comfort than you will love this portable espresso maker. Don’t miss out on your morning cup of coffee just because you are out enjoy another wilderness adventure. The best part of the mini espresso maker is that it does not need N2O cartridges, compressed air, or electricity. Just your favorite type of coffee and water.

Bunk Beds


For the ultimate in camping comfort, this is a must add to your nest camping trip. These portable bunk beds by Disc-O-Bed are a valuable item to add to your camping gear. They are extremely easy to set up and come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit a broad range of tents. They are equipped with side organizers that allow you to make the most of the space you are given.



Time to rid the camping trip of mosquito bites without smelling like a citronella candle. Each Invisaband is 100 percent guaranteed to stop mosquitos from invading your personal space thanks to their unique porous microfiber design that slowly releases the active natural ingredient, geraniol, over the course of its 120-hour lifespan. And since each pack comes with five bands, you and your friends will be set for a pest-free trip.

Solar Charger


When the sun is shining it would be a shame not to take full advantage of its awesome power. The Anker solar charger  is equipped with PowerIQ charging technology delivering up to 2.1 amps under direct sunlight and is quite durable thanks to industrial-strength PET polymer-faced solar panels sewn into the charger’s polyester canvas.

Pocket Torch


Don’t let a little wind prevent you from starting your camp fire. This powerful wind-resistant burner reaches temperatures up to 2300 degrees F and features an electron ignition. Functioning as a lighter attachment, the Soto pocket torch works with just about any lighter on the market today. Light your camp stove, melt snow, even solder metal if you feel up to the task. The piece’s durable and wind-resistant design ensures that even when the weather won’t cooperate, your lighter won’t let you down.

Inflatable Sofa


Whether you’re camping outdoors, lounging on the beach, or hanging out at music festivals, you’ll need an inflatable lounger to let you chill out in style! This one by WEKAPO takes 10 seconds to inflate and is made from robust parachute grade materials that won’t let you down.

Wood Burning Stove


Sleek, handy, and eco-friendly, the BioLite CampStove does more than just cooking and boiling water. It also converts the heat from a fire into electricity, allowing you to charge LED lights, mobile phones, and other gadgets. Since it weighs 33 oz, it’s better for car camping than backpacking.

Stackable Cook Set


Are you finding yourself running out of space while camping? Then this product is for you. The GSI Outdoors Camper Cookset is the dependable non-stick option for all your outdoor cooking needs coupled with the Cascadian recyclable, inexpensive, lightweight, flexible material that is easy to pack, stack and carry.

Sleeping Pad

sleeping pad

No sleeping on the cold, hard ground required! This lightweight sleeping pad has all the comfort of an air mattress, with none of the bulk, weight, or air compressor needed! It takes just a few breaths to inflate, and the innovative V-chamber design limits air movement and heat loss for better support and comfort.



Have you been struggling with keeping your coffee hot or keeping your iced beverage cold. Look no more! The hydroflask, with its double-wall vacuum insulated TempShield technology, liquids remain hot up to 6 Hours, and cold up to 24 Hours.



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