How to Clean a Sleeping Bag

Spot Cleaning Your Bag

Sometimes all that your sleeping bag needs is a little extra scrub, not a full-blown wash. Repeatedly washing your sleeping bag can lead to wear and tear over time, so spot cleaning should always be your first line of defense.

The first thing you want to do is make a past out of Nikwax Down Wash Direct, I have used many different cleaning products on sleeping bags and this one has proven to be the best. Focus your spot cleaning on the hood and collar section of your sleeping bag because this is where hair and oil from your skin can get caught and accumulate over time. 

I like to do a spot treatment on my sleeping bags after every camping trip to ensure that they stay clean.


Washing Your Sleeping Bag

If your bag has become dark and is starting to collect grime then it is now time to give it a good wash. Again the product that works the best for this is the Nikwas Down Wash Direct. I use this product instead of detergent when washing my sleeping bags. This product cleans and restores water-repellency for down sleeping bags and works well with synthetic sleeping bags. 

The best way to dry your sleeping bag is to hang it outside to air dry. Drying a sleeping bag in the dryer can cause the down or synthetic material to shrink and become clumpy on the inside.


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