Backpacking Checklist

Have you always wanted to begin your own backpacking journey, but you do not know where to start. We have complied a backpacking checklist of everything you need to begin your very first backpacking journey. We have put together the ten most essentials things that you need to bring on your next backpacking adventure. This backpacking checklist is intentionally comprehensive so you do not forget anything important on your first backpacking adventure.

The Ten Essentials for Backpacking

The absolute must-have for your safety, survival, and the overall comfort of your trip

1. Navigation

One thing that you would not want to happen on your backpacking journey would to become lost in the woods. It is very important that you have a way of navigating your way back incase you do become disoriented and confused while on your backpacking journey. You should always have another option other than your phone to aid you in navigating on your adventure.

2. Sun Protection

You will be out in the elements of nature so it is important to apply the proper protection. Protecting yourself from the suns harsh rays is extremely important. You would not want to spend the majority of your trip aching from a sun burn. You will be out in the elements through the entirety of your trip so it is very important that you have the proper protection with you. I would recommend getting a cheaper pair of sunglasses because you will be out in nature and they are prone to get broken.

3. Insulation

If you are hiking in a cooler climate or temperature, it is important that you have the proper insulation to protect you from getting hypothermia. It is important to always have at least a light jacket with you at all times. It can get very chilly at night while on your backpacking journey.

4. Lighting

While you may spend the majority of your backpacking journey traveling during the day, it is important to have the proper lighting with you to light up your campsite at night. I would highly recommend getting a headlamp because of the ease that they offer to their users. It is also important to bring along extra batteries with you just incase your current batteries decide to die on you. You want not want to find yourself in the middle of the woods in the dark of night.

5. First-Aid Supplies

Accident and wounds are prone to happen while on your backpacking journey so it is important to have the correct supplies to care for these wounds. Having a basic first-aid kit on hand is extremely important in order to deal with scrapes and bumps.

6. Fire

While on your backpacking journey you must have a way to start a fire. What I have found to be the best way to start a fire are the wind proof lighter torches. They have never failed me on any of my backpacking journeys. They prove very easy to light and start a fire with. It is also important to have a waterproof container that you keep kindling to use to start you fire with. If you do not have dry kindling you will be unable to start a fire and find yourself shivering through the cold night.

7. Tools

Having tools on hand can prove to be very useful. You never know when you will need a knife to cut something. I suggest getting a multi-tool. They offer a wide variety of functions and are light weight keeping the overall weight of your backpack down.


8. Water

As we all know it is crucial to have water on your backpacking journey. I highly recommend getting a water filtration system. They are light weight and provide clean water that is drinkable at any time. I personally use the life straw and I LOVE it.

9. Shelter

A lightweight tent is very important to have. You will be carrying this tent with you so it is important that it is not to heavy. This will wear you down and make for an unpleasant backpacking trip.

10. Backpack

Lastly, you will need a lightweight and durable backpack to keep all of your supplies in. I recommend getting a high quality backpack. They prove to be more durable making your backpacking experience more enjoyable.

Above and Beyond the Ten Essentials

Of course we left out a few items so we have compiled a list of other items that we feel should be considered when going on your next backpacking journey.




Of course there are many more items that are necessary for your next backpacking journey, such as food, water, and anything else that you feel that you need to bring. Remember it is important to keep the overall weight of your backing backpack very light because you will be carrying it on your entire backpacking journey. If your bag is to overloaded you will become tired and worn down. HAPPY HIKING!


Backpacking Tent






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